Dorothee in the 20th Century: Saturday Soup Participation Agreement

    The purpose of this form is to explain how the recorded interview which you agree to undertake with us is archived with Five ASide Theatre. When you sign this form you are agreeing to take part in our Dorothee in the 20th Century project and allowing us to store and make use of your personal data now and in the future in order to administer and archive your interview.

    After your interview we will ask you to complete a Recording Agreement to sign-off the terms under which your interview will be accessible with Five ASide Theatre and the local archive services.

    You have been invited to take part in Dorothee in the 20th Century: Saturday Soup, which documents the Windrush Generation’s lived experience from 1950-1971. This project charts the contribution of this community to the social, cultural, historical, economic and political prosperity of post war Britain.

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    The data contained within this form will be held securely and not shared with anyone, unless the Five ASide Theatre is obligated to do so for legal purposes, such as evidencing ownership or demonstrating a valid Agreement. The information contained within the interview itself will be made available (subject to your agreement) through Five ASide Theatre researchers, academics and other members of the public who access oral history content. We will keep this data in perpetuity, so as to preserve the oral history of the Windrush Generation and inform the research of future generations.

    You can request partial or complete closure of your interview to public access using the Recording Agreement which you will complete after your interview has been completed. You can request a copy of the personal data we hold about you at any time.

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    I hereby agree to take part in an interview for Five ASide Theatre and am fully aware that the content of this interview will be publicly available, subject to any closure or other restrictions that I might request when the interview has been completed.

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